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Brooklyn, New York
  • 14 Jan, 2017
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Cpscentral.com Brooklyn, NY is a leader in the field of CPS warranties. Cpscentral.com exceeds industry standard by providing excellence in customer care for Cpscentral.com service. Cpscentral.com warranty extended plan coverage is available for virtually all high-ticket consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers all the way to major appliances. Cpscentral.com offers warranty repair plans for ipads, iphones, macbooks, tvs, computers, cell phones, laptops, digital cameras and more appliances. Cpscentral.com company offers hassle-free, online control which includes updating service plans to scheduling and tracking the progress of service calls or claims. For more information including promo's, rewards, groupon offers and consumer reviews vs squaretrade visit us online at http://www.cpscentral.com

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